Drive Thru Bethel Woods Holiday Peace Love & Lights Sneak Peak 2020

We’ve lived in upstate NY for seven years and never really went to Woodstock. We’ve passed by a few times but never stopped to explore. The other day we were in the area and saw the volunteers settings up for the drive through lights show. We decided to park our car and finally explore this […]

Hiking Through Huckleberry Forest, Lenape Ridge and Port Jervis

train track

When we found out that we could basically hike from our home and go all the way to Pennsylvania and NJ, we had to do it. We completed most of the Long Path and SRT in sections and didn’t even know it until we looked at our completed trails. While we still have a section […]

Hiking the SRT and Long Path to Huckleberry Ridge State Forest

hiking in fall

We’ve been hiking for almost 14 years together and never really took the time to read maps or download them. Recently, we’ve changed our ways and are trying to be smarter when it comes to hiking. We pack our bags with plenty of water and snacks and make sure to download maps. Not only do […]