Do you Need an Expensive Bike?

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Bicycles range from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. We have the latter. Just kidding! People spend a lot of money on bicycles and that’s great if they have that kind of luxury and use it daily. We don’t bike ride every day and we don’t commute to work on a bicycle. If you […]

Fear of the Walking Tick

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A lot of people fear snakes, ghosts, carbs and sugar, but we have the fear of the walking tick. Thirteen years ago we started hiking. We would go early to Carmel NY, have a small BBQ or picnic and set off on our hike. We were aware of these tiny critters then and would make […]

Essential Biking Gear

Over the years we’ve done a lot of miles on our bikes with our various biking gear. From local bike rides to driving over an hour to a new location and exploring the new trails. Along the way we’ve learned what we use and need in order to make our bike rides successful. Whether you […]