Bruschi Christmas Lights Wallkill NY

bruschi display

If you ever watched The Great Christmas Light Fight then you’ll love the Bruschi Christmas lights show. This family has been creating their light show since 2012, brightening their neighborhood and spreading joy. This year has been a crazy one and we all deserve a little more light and warmth. That’s exactly what their beautiful […]

Hiking Through Huckleberry Forest, Lenape Ridge and Port Jervis

train track

When we found out that we could basically hike from our home and go all the way to Pennsylvania and NJ, we had to do it. We completed most of the Long Path and SRT in sections and didn’t even know it until we looked at our completed trails. While we still have a section […]

Hiking the SRT and Long Path to Huckleberry Ridge State Forest

hiking in fall

We’ve been hiking for almost 14 years together and never really took the time to read maps or download them. Recently, we’ve changed our ways and are trying to be smarter when it comes to hiking. We pack our bags with plenty of water and snacks and make sure to download maps. Not only do […]

Maka Earth Soothing Body Oil

As I get older, the more things seem to fall apart and hurt. From a bad back and knee to a tissue fracture, restless leg syndrome (and arm), and the list goes on. I also have very horrible monthly cramps where I take 8 pills throughout the day to ease the discomfort. Since I don’t […]

HBTrails TRAIL-A-THON: 100 MILES FOR 100 YEARS Fundraiser

100 mile challenge

If you’ve ever been on a NY-NJ trail, you should join the cause and support the Trail Conference. This is the organization that cleans, manages and protects our beloved trails. Without them, those trees would stay down, trash would accumulate everywhere, and there won’t be any signs showcasing the history of the trail. If you […]

Chasing the Sunset- Pink Sun at Roose Gap

pink sunset

Fall is here which means it’s time for wool socks, hiking boots and gorgeous sunsets. Due to the recent spark of fires in the West, our sky has been grey and gloomy. It was very difficult to see any sunrise or sunset. The last time we went for a morning sunrise hike, the sun wasn’t […]

Hiking Past High Falls in Rock Hill NY

flower in nature

I have to say that Neversink Gorge Trails is one of my favorite trails. We’ve done them all numerous times in all the seasons and are always able to find something unique. We don’t always go to see the waterfall; sometimes we go to just explore and do a little bushwhacking. On this day, we […]