Watt Christmas Wonderland Light Drive Thru Show in Goshen NY 2020

Drive Thru Light Shows

Have you been to the Watt Christmas Wonderland light drive thru show in Goshen NY? We went last year and are stocked to go again this year. Due to Covid-19 this is one of the safest things you can do with your family. You sit in the car and drive through a magical world full […]

Drive Thru Bethel Woods Holiday Peace Love & Lights Sneak Peak 2020

We’ve lived in upstate NY for seven years and never really went to Woodstock. We’ve passed by a few times but never stopped to explore. The other day we were in the area and saw the volunteers settings up for the drive through lights show. We decided to park our car and finally explore this […]

Support Local Business The Dale by Buying a Strange a Pizza

In these difficult times we want to do something meaningful and support our local small business. What better way then to donate a pizza! Use #PizzaOnUs if you donate a pizza or if you get a free pizza. Make sure to share it on Instagram to keep the #PizzaOnUs going strong. Don’t be the one […]

Visit The Dale Pizzeria in Mountain Dale NY

The Dale Mountain Dale NY

You should visit “The Dale” pizzeria in Mountain Dale NY if you are ever in the area. They just recently opened and the food is amazing. We are big fans of the pizza that we get it at least 2 times a week. We might actually need to sign up for Eating TOO MUCH Pizza […]

Cinder Track Bicycles in Mountain Dale NY

Rent Bikes in Mountain Dale NY

We have been to Cinder Track Bicycles in Mountain Dale NY at least a dozen times to purchase spare parts for our mountain bikes. If you are doing short bike rides then this isn’t so important but if you are like myself and my girl, we like to do at least 15 to 20 miles […]