Chasing the Sunset- Pink Sun at Roose Gap

Fall is here which means it’s time for wool socks, hiking boots and gorgeous sunsets. Due to the recent spark of fires in the West, our sky has been grey and gloomy. It was very difficult to see any sunrise or sunset. The last time we went for a morning sunrise hike, the sun wasn’t visible until seven but when it came out it was pink. Is there such thing as a pink sun? Yes, there is!

pink sun
Sunset at Roosa Gap

Hiking for a Cause

In August we signed up for the 100 miles for 100 years challenge for the Trail Conference. These are hardworking people who make our trails special, clean, and perfect for hiking, walking, biking and running. We’ve been a little busy at home and with the poor weather we had it made it difficult to go out and get a walk in.

We finally had enough of the indoor life and went on a mission to catch the sunset. We also wanted to get some miles in for the Trail Conference challenge. In the end, we got there around six and rushed to get at least a mile in before heading back and having to hike in the dark.

roosa gap sunset

We ended up doing a little over a mile and a half and did a total of 2.5 miles. In the end, it’s better to do some short miles then no miles at all.

Magical Sunsets

Every sunrise and sunset is different but in the end they are all glorious and beautiful. Even on cloudy days, you’ll see specs of light and the sun surprises you the very last minute. Today’s sunset was pure magical. The sky was full of colorful waves of clouds and the mountains around us were joyous to view.

This is the third pink sun of the month that we got to enjoy. The first one was sunrise and the other two were sunsets. You don’t have to go to Roosa Gap to see the pink sun but you should make it habit to enjoy a sunrise or sunset at least once a month.

In the end we hiked a little in the dark and used our phone flash as flashlight.

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