Support Local Business The Dale by Buying a Strange a Pizza

In these difficult times we want to do something meaningful and support our local small business. What better way then to donate a pizza! Use #PizzaOnUs if you donate a pizza or if you get a free pizza. Make sure to share it on Instagram to keep the #PizzaOnUs going strong. Don’t be the one to break the chain of happy pizza lovers!

Below you will find a Step By Step guide on how you can help put a smile on someone’s face during these hard times. I know I would be ecstatic if I ordered a classic pie from The Dale now and when I walk in to pay I’m told it’s already been covered by #PizzaOnUs pizza lovers who support other pizza lovers!

Step 1 . Visit and click on any one of the Order Now buttons. If you want to skip a few steps and go right to their page for the Classic Pie, click here.

Click on the Sourdough Pizza category or picture

Click on the “The Classic” pie if you would like to donate a fellow pizza lover a pizza on you from anywhere in the world!!

Choose how many pizzas you would like to donate to the #PizzaOnUs cause…

If you order 5 Classic Pies, then 5 different people who order the classic pie will get one for free.

It won’t all go to the same person. We want everyone to get a chance for a #PizzaOnUs

Now it’s time to complete your order. You can pay using a Credit Card or Google Pay.

Enter your information so you get a receipt for your order and donation of a #PizzaOnUs to a lucky pizza lover like yourself!

On this page, click Schedule here so they don’t make the pizza right away.

They will wait until a customer comes in to order the Classic Pizza Pie or when a order comes in on the phone for the Classic Pizza Pie

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