Picking Up Trash for Earth Day 2020 at the Bashakill Marsh

Pepsi Cola Can

Earth Day is on April 22nd and so is my birthday. This makes me want to go out and be even more connected with earth. So, each year we try to do something, however small it may be. It makes my heart feel good and we really need it during these quarantine times. Trash at […]

Trash Pickup on the Mountain Dale to Woodridge NY Rails to Trails

trash day mountain dale

Today was a nice day for going out and doing some trash pickup. When you enter the Mountain Dale to Woodridge NY rails to trails path, you are greeted with signs to not litter. There are also plenty of trash cans along the trail. It’s mind boggling that people come to the trail and leave […]

Hiking Roosa Gap In the Snow

Fun in the snow in roosa gap

When you wake up on an April morning and find three inches of snow outside your home, you can go back to sleep or go hiking. We chose to go hiking at Roosa Gap and bring our garbage bucket. Well, the bucket stayed empty since if there was any trash, it was buried under the […]