Walking the D & H Canal

d and h canal sign

We live in Wurtsboro NY where the D & H Canal used to pass through. The canal was also one of our first hiking trails we did when we moved upstate. If you don’t know, the Delaware and Hudson Canal was a channel that went from Pennsylvania to the Hudson River carrying mostly coal and […]

Hiking the SRT and Long Path to Huckleberry Ridge State Forest

hiking in fall

We’ve been hiking for almost 14 years together and never really took the time to read maps or download them. Recently, we’ve changed our ways and are trying to be smarter when it comes to hiking. We pack our bags with plenty of water and snacks and make sure to download maps. Not only do […]

Choosing The Right Hiking Trail

hiking trails

When it comes to hiking, you want to start small. A hike that is too challenging off the bat can discourage you from hiking ever again. If you are going hiking with friends and family, you want to be able to choose the right hiking trail. With some planning, everyone can have a great time […]

Hiking Mullet Loop Trail With Family

Mullet Falls

During these strange times, it’s hard to know when or if you should go hiking with family. We have been staying away from our family for two months. When we do see them, it’s from six feet apart and only for a few minutes. We have four essential workers in our families and they get […]

Hiking Point Peter from Reservoir Number Three

We’ve gone to Port Jervis plenty of time but never really hiked there. We usually go kayaking at Indian Head or visit family in that area. Today we decided to do a nice 10 mile hike from Sparrow Bush NY. We chose the Point Peter from reservoir number three. Well, I didn’t choose it, my […]