Hiking Past High Falls in Rock Hill NY

flower in nature

I have to say that Neversink Gorge Trails is one of my favorite trails. We’ve done them all numerous times in all the seasons and are always able to find something unique. We don’t always go to see the waterfall; sometimes we go to just explore and do a little bushwhacking. On this day, we […]

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Choosing The Right Hiking Trail

hiking trails

When it comes to hiking, you want to start small. A hike that is too challenging off the bat can discourage you from hiking ever again. If you are going hiking with friends and family, you want to be able to choose the right hiking trail. With some planning, everyone can have a great time […]

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Hiking Panther Mountain Trail with Family

Wine and Trails

Today, we went on a short six mile hike in the Catskills. We drove for about an hour and 20 minutes, got lost, and had zero service. Thankfully, our family was on their way there as well. We spotted their car as they were zooming by us to the parking spot and followed them. After […]

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