Hiking the Long Path Section 6

Long Path Trail

Friday was a beautiful foggy day where we completed Long Path section 6. We parked our car at the end of section six, beginning of section seven and waited for our Uber. Note for everyone: the further you go from the city the longer you’ll have to wait for an Uber. Not only that but […]

Hiking the Long Path Section 2 and 3

Long Path Trail

Hiking the Long Path Section 2 and 3 was exciting and exhausting. Section two of the Long Path is a little over 10 miles and section three is almost nine. We decided we can do both in one day and I’m glad we did. For this trip we made a few mistakes but one was […]

Hiking the SRT and Long Path to Huckleberry Ridge State Forest

hiking in fall

We’ve been hiking for almost 14 years together and never really took the time to read maps or download them. Recently, we’ve changed our ways and are trying to be smarter when it comes to hiking. We pack our bags with plenty of water and snacks and make sure to download maps. Not only do […]